Rental Equipment:

Rental guns:

G&G Cm 16 Qty:2

G&G Fire hawk Qty:1

G&G R8l DST Qty :1

Echo 1 xcr L Qty: 1

Elite force cqb m4 Qty: 1

$45.00 for all day play includes the gun, magazine , fully charged battery and 5000 .20g BBs and field entry.


Dye i4 Full Face mask:

$10.00 for all day


Barrel covers:

$1.00 for all day


Extra magazines:

$3.00 For all day 



$3.00 all day


Lower face mask:

$3.00 all day


Battery charging station are available for use.

 **When rentals are signed out you will be asked to hand over a credit card or drivers license to ensure that we get our equipment back.**





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