Rental Equipment:

Rental guns:

G&G Cm 16 Qty:2

G&G Fire hawk Qty:1

G&G R8l DST Qty :1

Echo 1 xcr L Qty: 1

Elite force cqb m4 Qty: 1

$45.00 for all day play includes the gun, magazine , fully charged battery and 1 magazine full of bbs (350 rnds) after you use all the rounds in your mag you MUST buy our own bbs in the shop .20g BBs and field entry.


Dye i4 Full Face mask:

$10.00 for all day


Barrel covers:

$1.00 for all day


Extra magazines:

$3.00 For all day 



$3.00 all day


Lower face mask:

$3.00 all day


Battery charging station are available for use.

 **When rentals are signed out you will be asked to hand over a credit card or drivers license to ensure that we get our equipment back.**





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